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The son of Canadian diplomats, born in Ottawa and raised in Tehran, Lima, Dallas and Ottawa, Matthew began his career at the age of 10 on stage at the Dallas Theater Center in a production of Brecht’s Galileo and made his international debut on the Canadian cult classic TV show You Can’t Do That On Television.  Studying at the National Theatre School of Canada and the Moscow Art Theatre, his focus expanded into dance, improvisation, mask work, street performing, television and film.

Along the way he discovered Red Nose Clown as a performer and as a teacher, playing Romeo in a Red Nose Clown version of R&J and Marianna / Mistress Overdone in a Bouffon version of Measure for Measure.  Since 1997 Matthew has traveled the world with the International Schools Theatre Association teaching, amongst other workshops, clown, ensemble devising, improv and Shakespeare.

Matthew is a firm believer that the art of performing can elevate a student's life experience by increasing self-esteem, engendering compassion and empathy while developing his or her ability to communicate passionately and intelligently. These are skills which transcend  drama class and drama students by building and strengthening that which makes us part of a team, no matter what field the student eventually pursues.

Currently located in Los Angeles, he has further expanded his career into producing theater and film as well as numerous commercials for NBC; directing for theater and editing for TV, film and the web.  These entertainment industry experiences have provided him with an entirely new way of looking at the craft of acting; approaching the work with a fresh and contemporary outlook while integrating multiple academic, real world and theatrical disciplines: dramatically, technically, musically, culturally, historically and thematically.

Theatre Credits

Actor / Director / Producer

Midsummer Night's               Clown Consultant (co-dir)           International School of Beijing / 

Dream                                                                                             Hannah Northcott

Suckers - The Musical            Co-Director                                   Campbell Hall Creative Arts Academy /                             

                                                                                                        Jason Rowland


The Universe (101)                 Norbut Yetso / Creator                Cavort Theatre / Ian Harvey Stone

Southwest Lovers &               Actor 2 / Demetrius                     Touring Educational Shakespeare / 

Fools                                        Launce / Thysbe                           Carol  Convey

The Seussification                  Clown Consultant (co-dir)           Singapore American School / 

of Romeo & Juliet                                                                          Leanne Fulcher

Was Ist Das?                            Norbut Yetso / Producer            Crown City Theatre

24 Hr. Clown Project              Norbut Yetso                                Four Clowns / Mike Funt

The Game's Afoot or               Simon Bright                               Theatre Palisades / Gene Franklin Smith

Holmes for the Holidays

East Side Story                         Ensemble Dancer                       Istanbul National Ballet / Aysun Aslan

Cymbeline                                Cloten / Director                         Write Act Rep. / Matthew Godfrey

The Trial                                   Mr. Block / Producer                   Write Act Rep. / Aslan Buyukturkpglu

Star Trek Indiana                     Producer                                      Write Act Rep. / Ben Livingston            

A Patriot For Me                      Albrecht / Stanitzin                     Write Act Rep. / Larry McCallister

The Genius                               Gerald McCarthy                         Bitter Truth Playhouse / Joan Lewis

Transports of the Heart          Napoleon Bonaparte                  Write Act Rep / Gene Franklin Smith

Shivaree                                    Chandler                                      Amer. Renegade Theatre / Mark Hatfield

Strangers in the Night             Dr. Fogarty                                   Judy Arnold Prods / Rocky Kalish

Laura                                         Danny Dorgan                             Tiffany Theatre / Lynette McNeil

Measure for Measure             Marianna /                                    Theatre Resource Center / Vanetta

                                                  Mistress Overdone                       Strombergs & Sue Morrison

Henry IV Part 1                        Mortimer  / Understudy Prince Hal

Mysteriously Yours                  Various Roles - Interactive Dinner Theatre

Romeo & Juliet                          Romeo                                          Company of Fools / Mike Brunet &

                                                                                                          Kathleen Cornish

Rosencrantz & Gudenstern     Rosencrantz

are Dead

Can You See Me Yet                  Doberman                                    Equity Show Case / Jean Monpergo

As You Like It                             Duke Frederick                             Mt. Royal Shakespeare Co. / 

                                                                                                           Rachel Ditor

Three Sisters                              Andre

Love's Labour's Lost                  Dumain / Sir Nathaniel

Mad Forest                                 Securitate / Angel / Painter

A Midsummer Night's                Puck


Free To Be You & Me                  Ensemble / Boy Baby                 Dallas Theatre Center / Bob Hess

Christmas Carol                          Ensemble / Turkey Boy              Dallas Theatre Centre / Adrian Hall

The Hobbit                                  Ensemble

Snow White & The                      Dopey                                           Dallas Theatre Center / Bob Hess

Seven Dwarves

Galileo                                          Ensemble                                      Dallas Theatre Center / Adrian Hall